What do patients say about us


‘I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was positive. The trouble is we came to France a couple of weeks ago and will be here for 2 weeks. What is the best course of action? Happy to speak on the phone as well. All the best’. A couple of months later, she wrote.’I had my first trimester scan and everything was fine. Baby is of a good size and has a strong heart beat.’

Maria is 39, had 3 miscarriages before coming to us in October 2016. She sent the above messages late summer and autumn 2017 after seeing us for 8 months.

‘After already falling pregnant naturally in 2011 by 2016 I had slightly low AMH and had been trying to become pregnant for over 2 years with no success. After my consultation with Prof. Au and Prof. Li I came away with some herbs and to my delight fell pregnant exactly 1 month after! unfortunately this resulted in a miscarriage at around 6/7 weeks but i was so happy to least fall pregnant i went back for another consultation.

After this Prof. Au and Prof. Li told me i needed to build my strength for 3/4 months and then try for a baby again, I did as instructed and to take the herbs given to me. I was surprised that I started to feel great on the herbs, like my younger self before i had my first child in 2011! I even began to like the foods I used to like before my first pregnancy and people told me i was looking younger and fresher! After 3/4 months I then went back and Prof. Au and Prof. Li told they told me I was now ready to try for a baby again so was given the herbs and again exactly as planned i fell pregnant! I was given some herbs to ‘keep’ the baby and I am now please to report i am now 23 weeks pregnant! they pregnancy has been fine and all scans have gone well and baby is doing well.

I will certainly be returning to Prof. Au and Prof. Li for when we are ready to have our 3rd baby. Thank you to Prof. Au and Prof. Li!’

Sandra came to us in 2016 with pregnancy and miscarriages issues.

‘Apologies for the delay in getting back to you following my last course of herbs in Jan. I am still awaiting the results of the semen analysis but we recently confirmed that my wife is pregnant, 8 weeks.

We had our first scan today and all appears well so far. She is seeing an acupuncturist experienced in pregnancy and we have a good support network now to help us.

Please do let the doctor know and pass on our deepest thanks to him and to all of you for your help in this. It is a truly life changing experience and we are deeply grateful for all of your assistance.

Thanks again, should we want assistance at some point again in the future, I will know where to come.’

Mrs. Clark had 5 miscarriages prior to her visit to our Clinic. Her husband wrote to us in 2011.

‘I hope you are well and TCM are doing well.

You may remember me as a patient of TCM last Autumn. I left for Asia in November with a big bag of your herbs in my suitcase and was due to come back to see you sometime in January to continue treatment.

I’d like to tell you that events overtook us and in early January my husband and I were surprised and delighted to discover I was pregnant. I am now 20 weeks and can barely believe our luck after five miscarriages.

Please pass on my best wishes and grateful thanks to for all your support and fantastic herbs.’

Mrs Lombardelli have been receiving treatment for about 4 months as from May 2009

Shahzadi Choudry, 30, had four miscarriages before her first son, Omar, was born eight years ago. Then she had another five miscarriages, the last of which took place at about four months. “It happened so late that we were devastated” says her husband Saeed, 47, “we had to bury the baby and it was a great emotional strain.”

After ninth miscarriages, the couple sought help from Chinese medicine and consulted Prof. Li. It was found that her internal system is too hot. She was put on a herbal medication programme and advised not to get pregnant for 6 months (intercourse was allowed but not pregnancy). After a few months, she fell pregnant and a different concoction was prescribed for 2 months. Billal, a healthy baby boy, was born 10 months later. Saeed said ” I think what Prof. Li did was absolutely marvelous. We are over the moon.”

@Extract from Daily Telegraph’s article ‘Herbs that may boost fertility’ Friday, February 25, 2000.

More testimonials can be found by clicking Google reviews or testimonials.

What is miscarriage?
A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy during the first 23 weeks.
The main sign of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding, which may be followed by cramping and pain in your lower abdomen.

How common are miscarriages?
Miscarriages are much more common than most people realize. The miscarriage association in the UK estimates that one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Many more miscarriages occur before a woman is even aware she has become pregnant. About 1 in 100 couples will experience recurrent miscarriage.

What causes a miscarriage?
Miscarriage is not fully understood at present. While there may be many causes for miscarriages, it is not uncommon to find that no definitive cause can be identified in any particular instance of miscarriage.

The main causes of miscarriage are thought to be:

  • Hormonal Women with very irregular periods may find it harder to conceive and when they do, are more likely to miscarry.
  • Genetic In about half of all early miscarriages, the baby does not develop normally right from the start and cannot survive.
  • Immunological/blood-clotting Problems in the blood vessels which supply the placenta can lead to miscarriage, especially if the blood clots more than it should.
  • Infection Minor infections like coughs and colds are not harmful, but a very high temperature and some illnesses or infections, such as German measles, may cause miscarriage.
  • Anatomical There are three main anatomical causes of miscarriage:
    • If the cervix (the bottom of the uterus) is weak, it may start to open as the uterus becomes heavier in later pregnancy and this may lead to miscarriage.
    • If your uterus has an irregular shape, there may not be enough room for the baby to grow.
    • Large fibroids (harmless growths in the uterus) may cause miscarriage in later pregnancy.The current thinking is that about half of miscarriages are caused by abnormal chromosomes in the baby. Chromosomes are genetic “building blocks” that guide the development of a baby. If a baby has too many or not enough chromosomes, it won’t develop properly.

Moreover, if a miscarriage happens during the second trimester of pregnancy (between weeks 14 and 26), it’s sometimes the result of an underlying health condition in the mother.

Can I test for causes for miscarriages?
A number of tests are available which include chromosome analysis, blood clot analysis, NK killer cells etc. These tests tend to be on the expensive side (from £300 to £600). If you are considering these, we would be able to discuss them with you and help organise them.

Can miscarriages be prevented?
Conventional medicine believes that the majority of miscarriages can’t be prevented. The focus is on advising on life style changes in an attempt to reduce chances of future miscarriages.

How do we treat women with recurring miscarriages?
Since chromosome problems are the leading cause of miscarriage, and half of a developing baby’s chromosomes come from the mother, the other half father, at TCM HealthCare, we focus our efforts in improving egg and sperm quality to reduce chances of miscarriages.

By improving egg quality
Two things are certain:

  • Chromosomal abnormalities in eggs increase significantly with aging
  • Poor egg quality is often related to chromosomal abnormalities – aneuploidy

We have an excellent track record of improving egg quality, please click here (Roll down to see how we achieve excellent egg quality).

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) can be the underlying reason for poor quality eggs (In many of these cases the AMH is actually much higher than expected, and patients are told that it is “great” to be very high) With this condition, high levels of insulin can interfere with the division of eggs, which can lead to poor egg quality, failed fertilisation or early miscarriages. We have a good track record of treating PCOS, please click how do we treat PCOS for more information.

By inducing a more balance hormonal system
Since women who have irregular period are more likely to miscarry, our focus here is to induce a more balanced hormonal system which in turn will ensure the periods are more regular. We have an excellent track record in improving hormone. Please click on treatment to reduce FSH and treatment to increase AMH for more information.

By improving sperm quality
Research over the past decade suggests that some cases of recurrent miscarriages seem to involve the father having a high incidence of abnormal chromosomes in his sperm. There is no precise estimate for how frequently the sperm is a factor in recurrent miscarriages, but DNA fragmentation or chromosome problems in sperm are regarded as potential causes of repeat losses – especially in men whose sperm show abnormal morphology or other markers of low fertility.

We have an excellent track record in improving sperm quality. Please click here.

What do we do to help?
Patients come to us with their most recent hormone or sperm test result and other results such as scan (hormone or sperm test results are considered up to date if they are less than 3 months old). The first consultation will last for an hour where detailed but non-invasive and pain-free Chinese medical diagnostic procedures will be carried out. This will ensure we understand your particular condition and circumstances thoroughly. This in-depth understanding will allow our specialist to prescribe an unique herbal formula which usually consists of around 20 kinds of herbs tailored made for you only. You will be asked to make drinks out of them and consume them twice a day for 18 to 24 days in a month.

A month after the first consultation, you would have finished the herbal remedy. You come back again for a second consultation which will last for 30 minutes. Again, a diagnostic procedure will be carried out to see how well you respond to the treatment. Another unique herbal prescription will be formulated for your improved condition. This monthly cycle will repeat 3 to 4 times before you are asked to have another hormone or sperm test carried out. Most patients see significant improvements. They then pursue a number of options which may include working with us for a few more months with a view to achieve natural pregnancy or combining us with another IVF cycle.

How much are the fees?
The all inclusive fees for treating women are in the region of £350 – £400 per month, for treating men is about £400 a month.

How often do I need to come?
Once a month. Most patients come to us for 3 months to 9 months. Some combine our treatment with IVF.

How do I book appointments?

We welcome your booking appointment with us anytime by calling us on 0207 096 0283.

We would like to see the following hormone/sperm test results (less then 2 months old) prior to your coming to us. If you have not done them yet, we are more than happy to arrange them for you. Results will come out within 1 to 3 days.

  1. Female Fertility test
  2. AMH
  3. Semen analysis

In cases where the test results are not ideal, we would ask you to re test them after 3 months to check how well you respond to our treatment. Our success rate in improving hormones are 80%, in improving sperm parameters is 70%.

A booking fee of £50 (refundable at attendance) will be processed at booking.

Are there patients we cannot help?

Yes. No medical system is foolproof. Medical practitioners, however good, are not omnipotent. There are times that patients do not respond to our treatment despite our best efforts. In medicine, doing our best is not enough at times. When patients do not respond after the first course of treatment i.e. 3 months, some patients found that when they rest a little, their results improve. Delayed improvements are possible. However, even with rest, patients may still do not respond well. Fortunately, these cases are in the minority.  We minimise these cases by trying to understand patients conditions as much as possible before taking on patients. We minimise time and financial commitments from patients by insisting that they must have hormone or sperm test test results prior to treatment and have them re tested after 3 months. At TCM HealthCare, we will always have your best interests in mind and we will do our best.