FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We’re often asked the same questions about how our practice works and how we can help you. Our clinic manager Stephanie Lui and director Prof Shun Au filmed themselves answering them — captions are available too.

1. What do we do?

Prof Shun Au explains what fertility conditions we deal with.

2. What’s our treatment record?

Prof Shun Au talks about our success rate.

3. What makes up our treatment?

Clinic manager Stephanie Lui talks about how our treatments work.

4. What’s our treatment process?

Prof Shun Au walks through the steps of our treatment sessions.

5. How do you brew the herbal medicine?

Prof Shun Au runs down how to brew the herbs.

End product

Divide your end product into 4 doses, regardless of volume. There will be 2 doses per day (so you have enough for 2 days).

After brewing, use one and put the rest in the fridge. You can then warm each one up before usage. You can even freeze them (for instance, if you get your period and need to wait until it finishes before you take the next dose).


The taste of the herbal drink can be very bitter since the herbs are made up of bark, roots, tubers etc. Have something you like straight after taking the herbal drink, like chocolate, if it helps.


  • Do not take during your period

  • Wait 2 hours between taking any other conventional medication and your traditional Chinese medicine

  • Do not take with other herbal supplements — more is not necessarily better

  • Do not use if you have a cold or flu

  • Do not take hormones (except thyroid hormones)