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We offer a second opinion service where you can send us your hormone test results, sperm test results and other results. We offers our opinion based on our longstanding experience in this field on the phone. It will not be a face-to-face medical consultation.

Why you may wish to do this test?

Normal thyroid function is vitally important for fertility. Our thyroid test looks at TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), FT3 and FT4 to make sure it is working well.

The menstrual cycle is much more complex than you might imagine. It is a carefully orchestrated process that provides a small window of opportunity for an egg to be fertilised by sperm each month. Thyroid problems can interrupt this process and result in an irregular, or even absent, menstrual cycle.

Diagram of the female reproductive system, drawn with Chinese calligraphy, TCM Healthcare — London fertility clinic

If thyroid hormone levels are not ideal, they cannot support the luteinising hormone that stimulates the ovaries to release eggs, which makes pregnancy impossible.


Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid is under-active, ie not making enough hormones. This is indicated by TSH above the reference range and FT4 below.

It is usually caused by autoimmune thyroid disease, which is when the body’s immune system attacks the thyroid cells as though they were foreign invaders. The most common form is known as ‘Hashimoto’s thyroiditis’. Other causes include pituitary gland malfunction, genetics, radioactive iodine treatment, antithyroid drug overdose and some health foods taken in excess (such as kelp). 

Hypothyroidism is treated by your doctor prescribing a synthetic version of FT4.


Hyperthyroidism is the opposite: a result of an over-active thyroid. It can affect anyone, but it is ten times more common in women than men. A lower TSH and a higher FT4 are indicators of it. This is usually treated by thionamides to slow the thyroid’s hormone production.



Includes a report, follow-up phone call to explain the result and to talk about potential treatments.

How long do results take?

Next working day

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  • Monday to Friday, 7am–6.30pm
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We will explain the results to you and explore your options if there are issues. As a reputable laboratory carries out our tests, the results are accepted by doctors and clinics across the world. Most results are available between 1 and 3 working days.

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We’re also happy to offer advice on which tests may be appropriate for you and help interpret any results you already have.

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While we are happy to explain your test results to you, we always advise consulting your GP and having a proper medical consultation about your result. This is because these tests are Western medical tests and are best explained by Western medical doctors. We do not accept any liability regarding interpretation of test results should you wish us help explaining them.

If you have booked a test and decide to change the time or date, we are more than happy to help you change it to one that is convenient to you at no extra charge. However, cancellation will carry a small administrative fee of £30, before refund.