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There’s a big difference between the Chinese and western approaches. However, they can complement each other very well. That’s perhaps the best news for anyone looking to get pregnant and who’s not experienced our kind of work yet.
What it means is that we can make all your efforts with conventional medicine go much further.

So how does this happen?

The western medical approaches are mainly about getting the mechanical process of pregnancy to happen under a controlled environment in the hope that technology will make the process more effective cycle by cycle. Other than ruling out risks and dealing with structural issues such as surgeries to tackle varicoceles in men and using hormones to stimulate ovaries in women, there is essentially no medication of treatment to improve sperm count, motility, morphology or to reduce anti-sperm anti-bodies, no medication or treatment to reduce FSH or increase AMH for example.

With IVF in all its varying formats i.e. IUI, natural  IVF, IVF and ICSI, while embryos may die before day 5, the main problem often comes in the failure of implanting, that is when the embryos die after implanting into the uterus.






The Chinese medical approach takes the view that the mechanical fertilisation process is all but one part of the fertility landscape and that fertility issues are a result of poor reproductive and general condition. These are reflected in poor sperm quantity and quality, poor hormonal readings, poor egg quality, poor uterus environment to name but a few.

Our treatment aims to restore or improve health and balance through which natural pregnancy or a better chance of IVF success will occur. During the course of treatment, you should feel better subjectively and result in better indicators of reproductive health such as better hormonal readings i.e. lower FSH, higher AMH and higher sperm count, motility, morphology and lower anti-sperm anti-bodies.

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Let’s start with some fertility tests.

Sperm tests for men and hormone tests for women are the starting points. We use these as baselines where you can assess how well you respond to our treatment by having re-tests carried out in 3 to 4 months’ time. A overwhelming majority of our male patients see significant improvements in sperm and equally high number of female patients see significant improvements in hormones after a few months of treatment. Many carry on to consolidate their health gains resulting in natural pregnancy, others move on the IVF or egg freezing depending on their circumstances.

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“If it wasn’t for your course of treatment, Kathrina would never have been born”
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The Chinese approach: Getting the right Qi, strengthening and maintaining better balance for the organ systems

Central to Chinese medicine is the notion of Qi, organ systems and their balance. When your body and its various major organ systems are strong and in balance, it is capable of being healthy and fertile. When the energy levels and organ systems are weak and out of balance, there is disharmony and illness arises. Fertility conditions are one manifestation of that. What that means is that the best way to treat infertility with or without Western medicine as an adjunctive (additional) treatment, is to get that balance back on track so that the processes can run as they should.

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