Many of our patients tell send us incredible feedback. Here is a selection, both from Google reviews and email.

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Prinola Govender

June 11, 2024

Another POI/Early menopause patient

I was diagnosed with POI/early menopause at the age of 33 by fertility specialists and was told that there was nothing I could do to reverse this and improve my hormone levels. I was told to use HRT to manage my symptoms of hot flushes, erratic moods and insomnia to name a few. I had reached a dead-end with western medicine and wanted to explore more natural and holistic solutions which led me to find TCM healthcare. I was skeptical at first and was wondering how the questions asked at the consult were relevant but I decided to trust the process and continue with the treatment. Within 3 month of being on the treatment, my 'early menopause ' symptoms drastically improved and my hormone levels are almost within normal range.  I am so grateful for TCM healthcare and would highly recommend to anyone who has also given up on western medicine. Just trust the process


May 24, 2024

GR first came to us in early January when her FSH was 96.

I am happy to share my positive experience with TCM Healthcare. For months, I struggled with high FSH levels and had no periods for six months. Despite consulting various doctors, I was repeatedly told that there were no viable solutions for balancing my hormones.In my search for alternatives, I found TCM Healthcare and decided to give it a try. Under their expertise, I began taking prescribed herbs. To my amazement, within three months, my FSH levels dropped substantially from 96 to 26.4. After nine months, I experienced a normal menstrual cycle in a long time.Not only did the treatment regulate my hormones, but it also alleviated other related issues such as endometriosis bloating and fatigue. TCM Healthcare provided a holistic approach that addressed the root of my problems, something conventional medicine couldn't offer.I wholeheartedly thank and recommend Prof. Au and Dr. Yang to anyone facing similar challenges in fertility. Their expertise and natural herbs treatment has given us hope and real results, proving that there are very effective alternatives for fertility to traditional medical approaches.

Maja Arminovska

May 4, 2024

Maja came to us in January 2024 with extremely high FSH and no periods for 4 months

TCM Healthcare have done miracles for me. my FSH were 68, 71, 93, my Anti-mullerian Hormone was 0.010. I hadn't got a period 4 months. My GP gave me hormones for 10 years to suppress my endometriosis. I was told that I am in perimenopause now. I stopped using GP's medicine because I believe Prof. Au that i have hormonal Imbalance instead.

My results after a few months of treatment: Follicles were found in my ovaries and one is ripe for ovulation, period after 3 months, FSH is now 8 (I was not like this even 10 years ago), Anti-Mullerian Hormone 0.3. These doctor are doing unbelievable things. They are like magicians. I trust them a lot. I have a medical degree, but am speechless about what they done for me. Improve your fertility and this is the best place for that... Bless you doctors .


April 26, 2024

Lana, aged 42, contacted us in February 2024

Hello Prof Au, I hope you are well. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. As it happens, my husband and I naturally conceived after my conversation with you. Thanks for the logic and common sense that for natural conception, you only need 1 good quality egg. It's clearly true for even an older woman like myself! I didn't get to use your medicines, but the message itself gives hope to couples out there. Thanks for your time, please keep doing what you are doing. Best wishes, Lana

Hannah Parker

March 12, 2024

Hannah had been our patient. She has kindly acted a sounding board for our blogs. She has this to say:

I’ve had a good read through of the blog posts. They are excellent. As you know, I initially contacted you in 2018 because I was so impressed by your website content. These new blog posts are even better. I think you have really covered the key points about which many women are misinformed.

The explanations of FSH and AMH are very good- enough detail without being overwhelming or too technical. The point about low AMH not deciding egg quality is really important. I know that I was definitely very distressed by my AMH result because of being turned away by IVF clinics. Your explanation as to why this would be the case is very helpful. And I think you speak to the panic women experience about this and your words are very reassuring.

Overall from the blog posts I take the main point that TCM works to improve the body’s health and specifically to bring about better hormone balance. It is this improvement to hormones which brings about better periods and better egg quality. I think this comes across well.
Thank you for sending this to me to read. Your work is so very important and inspiring.

Kazemali Samandari

February 26, 2024

We hope your wife will be as successful with child number 3 as as she did with the first two children

We had one child in 2011. We then tried for 6 years before we came across TCM healthcare. My wife did some hormone tests and found out that her AMH were very high and she also had high testosterone. We were told that she had hormonal imbalance and if these hormone came down she will have a better chance conceiving. In September 2017 we decided to give it a go. After a few months of treatment, the re test results showed that her AMH and testosterone came down substantially. My wife give birth to our second in 2018 and a third in 2020. We still want another child. Here we are in February 2024, we are starting treatment again. Thank you very much TCM healthcare for your help.

Tina Bhatt

January 29, 2024

Tina is 46. She came to us in December 2023 after losing her periods for 5 months. Her FSH was near 100, testosterone high at 1.6 (note that the reference range for testosterone is often misrepresented and hence misunderstood)

She called on the 16 January 2024 and told us that using the herbs for about 6 days, she had the sensation of a period. We encouraged her to carry on.

She texted us today to say:


9 bags later my period has started after 5 months. so i've taken my final dose and now stopped the drink. 2 bags remaining. Thank you so much your medicine has worked wonders. Its amazing

Sixtus Nsolibe

December 1, 2023

This is my second consultation with Prof. S Au , Dr Yang and Clinic director Stephanie.My very first consultation 3 years ago resulted in pregnancy with my  3years old girl now. I was told by my OBJ that I won't be able to conceive on my own and with my own eggs due to Low AMH and High FSH. I was crushed, I went on the internet and came across TCM healthcare and had a consultation with Prof. Au and his entire team, after three months of herbs I got pregnant and had my baby girl.3 years later, precisely August this year, My husband and I reached out to Pro Au because we wants to try for another baby.Consultation was incredible as always. My questions were answered   Dr. Yang explained and prescribed herbs for me, Stephanie was amazing , in fact the entire team was incredible.Herbs shipped to me in canada and I was supposed to take the herbs for three months. I had the first and 2nd batch, received the third  herbs for the third course of treatment.  I had only opened 1  herbs from the box when I noticed that I had missed my period.  I was shocked because we planned to start trying after the treatment. We waited for one week to see it it will come, but  my period didn't come. We reached out Stephanie and she advised that we do a pregnancy test. We did it and it was positive, we repeated it after some days same thing.We are pregnant just after two months of this treatment.This herbs is amazing, It will stabilize your hormone, improve your overall health, improve your egg quality and prepare you for pregnancy.We are so happy for this wonderful news and wants to thank them again for helping us achieve our dream.You guys are doing amazing job.I am currently waiting for another set of herbs to help stabilize my pregnancy and this is totally optional, I opted for it.I was also advised to stop taking the herbs I was on because it has achieved it goal.Thank you again Pro. Au, Dr Yang and clinic director Stephanie for the wonderful job you guys are doing.We highly recommend TCM Healthcare for anyone trying for fruit of womb. A must use.


October 9, 2023

I am eternally grateful to the TCM team for their help with regulating my fluctuating hormone levels and helping me to conceive. I am now a proud mother of a beautiful baby girl and I could not be more thankful. When I started my journey with TCM I was told by western doctors that I could not bear children but TCM gave me hope and their herbal treatment regulated my hormones allowing me to conceive. The service and advice was exceptional and I would highly recommend TCM for those seeking alternative medicines. Thank you Prof. Au, Stephanie and Dr Li from the bottom of my heart.


August 16, 2023

I first contacted TCM Healthcare back in 2020 when myself and my husband had been trying for a baby for over a year with no success.After initial testing under my GP and a fertility clinic, I was told I had  a very low AMH for my age and a high FSH. I spoke to Prof Au who was very generous with his time and called me back on a Sunday to talk me through their process and to reassure me that I could be treated.

I ended up going down the IVF route initially, however after 6 stimulation cycles and 3 transfer cycles with losses along the way, after extensive testing, I was advised that there weren’t really further options for me.By this point, I was 38 and had been going through IVF for a couple of years. I had remained in touch with Prof Au and Stephanie who continued to be generous with their time and kind and professional despite me not having started treatment with them. I decided to try the TCM route and met Prof Li and Stephanie in November 2022. Within one cycle of treatment with the herbs my period was late and I found out I was pregnant for the first time naturally. I gave birth to a baby boy in July 2023.

I am a medical doctor and did not really understand the TCM approach. However, I had a great experience with TCM healthcare and decided to trust their process. They are a team who genuinely care and I will be forever grateful to them even if I had not had a positive outcome. Prof Au calling me to reassure me and advise me in those initial days when I had first got my diagnosis and felt there was no hope for me is something I will not forget.


August 14, 2023

Amanda has terrible symptoms with fibroids for decades

I hope that in future, remarkable options like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are widely available. I'm so thankful for TCM Healthcare, London!

I endured gyno issues for decades. After many surgeries and attempts to treat fibroids, I still had horrendous symptoms causing life-threatening blood clots. I also tried 'Uterine Artery Embolisation', a procedure that shrunk the fibroids without hysterectomy. It was successful, but it could not help with residual low energy and poor circulation.

Then I met a compassionate person who recommended TCM Healthcare. Under their guidance, I started a customised blend of herbs with precise preparation instructions. Within a few short weeks, my once never-ending period was down to just a few days of light bleeding, and my energy soared.

The effects of this treatment have lasted for almost a year now post-therapy, giving me renewed vitality, hormonal balance, and a better quality of life. I recently revisited TCM for some maintenance herbs.

They offer no grand promises, but together with your commitment, their wealth of ancient knowledge can help restore your well-being.

Madame Abena

July 3, 2023

I have had an exceptional  journey with TCM  .I started treatment with TCM after noticing that my period had become scanty. I was worried as i am  trying to conceive .I first contacted my GP  but his response was it does happen .I started getting worried and started doing my research .I came across TCM and phoned them immediately .I did a consultation .with  professor Li he  was very helpful and had knowledge and understanding of what was happening . Stephanie was very helpful as well . I was very happy after the consultation and was very keen to start taking the herbs . After starting the herbs my period started becoming normal .I was so pleased .Before I started my treatment with TCM I had a big fibroid and am pleased 😊to say that the fibroid has reduced significantly since I started taking the herbs .and am very very happy with that since I didn't want to do surgery . Am happily taking my herbs .Thank you Pro Li and Stephanie and the team .


March 29, 2023

Claire came to us in 2019 at the age of 43 after she has been written off by fertlity clinics.

After struggling for two years to conceive post miscarriage, and in what is classed as the 'geriatric' years of my fertility, my husband came across TCM and Professor Au. After a phone consultation we agreed to some blood tests. These showed that I was silently suffering from PCOS, with no other symptoms apart from being unable to fall pregnant. I began taking the herbal drinks, and continued to do so for approximately 8 months before being thrilled to find out I was pregnant. Our daughter was born in early 2021 and I took the herbs again immediately after her birth to help my body recover and to optimise breast milk supply. In September 2021 I began another short course of the herbs and by January 2022 we were expecting our second baby.Our home and our hearts are full, thanks to the wonderful team at TCM. They are the utmost professionals, kind and caring. We have had both face to face and virtual consultations with them and even altered appointment times at short notice.We can not thank them enough for what they have helped us achieve, and we look forward to working with them again should we decide to try for baby number 3!

Michael Donkor

February 23, 2023

I am delighted to share the news with you all that my wife is pregnant and I have barely opened the 3rd herbs. This was confirmed yesterday. I am lost for words that in my second month of treatment what I have not been able to do in 11 years I have been able to achieve in 2 months of your treatment. I came to TCM by sheer luck through my search for a fertility remedy. I am a pessimist by nature so I felt I had nothing to lose to try this remedy. But goodness these guys are incredible and the countless of men who are experiencing sperm abnormalities need to hear it! I will eternally be grateful for all the support and will surely be back🙏🏽. Thank you all at TCM from the bottom of my heart 😊. We are feeling so blessed and happy. Best regards Michael.

Farhat Bhia

December 20, 2022

Good Morning Stephanie

I would like to cancel my appointment for 23 rd January as I have just found out that I am pregnant! I know it is too early to sing a victory among but for me it is an achievement to be naturally pregnant at 44 years old .

It is a pity that I won’t be able to keep using the herbs I bought for this month but do you know if I can freeze them ?

I wanted to thank you for your time and support and I am more than sure that the TCM has helped me and contributed to my pregnancy .

Thank you and Merry Xmas to both of you !

Lizzy (from the United States)

October 10, 2022

Lizzy is based in the United States. She had multiple miscarriages before she came to us. We saw her using video calls. Having seen by Dr Yang for 3 months, she wrote to us.

I’m great, sorry just saw this. I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant. I am due early next year. I appreciate your herbal powder and once I’m done with this pregnancy, I’m going to try again. 100% a believer in your herbal powder works miracles. 

Again thank you.

Poonam Julka

July 20, 2022

I am very happy to announce the birth of our baby girl after 10 years of trying for baby. Despite being turned down by several fertility clinics due to my low AMH levels and high prolactin, I didn't loose faith and approached TCM after reading the success stories of women in same boat as me. I tried their herbs for 3 months and my prolactin levels reduced from 1400 to normal range. The IVF done was successful first time round. Professor Au at TCM was very helpful and guided me through. Being from a medical background, I didn't believe in herbs but as it was proven by blood tests before and after treatment, everything was science-based. I would say to anyone struggling with having a family please give them a call and speak to the Professor Au at TCM. All the best 🙂🙏

Vanessa Pieterse

July 8, 2022

My husband and I went to TCM Healthcare as we weren't getting results from IVF. I found the knowledge of the practitioners exceptional and willingness to help challenging situations like mine.  I now have an amazing little boy after 5 hard years of trying to get pregnant. We did a combination of IVF and TCM herbs. Would strongly recommend and I will be back if we decide to have another child.

Kinga Miz (Violina)

June 1, 2022

We tried for a baby for almost a year. Due to my age (37) I decided not to wait any longer and visited TCM Healthcare. The doctors asked me to do the hormone test first, where I found out that one of the hormone AMH was far too high, which indicated PCOS. I decided to start herbal therapy with TCM Healthcare. I was very impressed during my visits. The doctors were very supportive and explained me everything. The conclusion was that my body is in hormonal imbalance. I got herbs to prepare at home and drink regularly. After 3 rounds they advised me to take a month break. My hormones improved but I was advice for another round of herbs, I hardly even touched those and two weeks later I got a great news (positive pregnancy test). After few weeks I was offered special herbs to strengthen my pregnancy. Currently I am over 4 moths pregnant and feeling fantastic, grateful for all the help and support I received from TCM.

Kiran Virdi

May 14, 2022

After 2 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy I did some research and came across TCM. I read the reviews and found that there were similar stories of mine that people had experienced. Prof Shun Au was very professional and started off with tests for both me and my husband. Based on his findings he gave us herbs that were to be taken in drink form for 3 months. Prof Au explained that after 3 months of taking these there will be another test to see if the levels were what they should be. Luckily for us after 3 months of the herbs we had really good results. Although it took us 8 months to get pregnant (probably due to work stress) our pregnancy was healthy and have been blessed with a baby. Also whilst taking the herbs I felt very energised. Highly recommend TCM - thank you Prof Au for your help.

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