Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test

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Why you may wish to do this test?

This is sometimes used as a test for menopause, early menopause and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It is a must-do test prior to egg freezing and IVF. It is worth noting that AMH test results are not a predictor for menopause, but if someone is in menopause, their AMH will be low.

If you’re looking to do IVF, chances are you will have come across the abbreviation AMH. This stands for anti-Mullerian hormone, a hormone found in the blood, produced by granulosa cells in ovarian follicles. It is also referred to as an ovarian reserve test.

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AMH is a proxy reading of your egg reserve. It is often combined with a Female Fertility Profile test which gives an indication of your egg quality.

The ovarian reserve refers to a woman’s supply of eggs and is closely associated with ability to become pregnant. However, it is important to note that good egg reserve is necessary for IVF but it is less important for natural pregnancy. The orthodox medical view is a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have, unlike men, who continually produce sperm. So, as a woman ages, her egg numbers decline. The greater the number of remaining eggs, the better the chances of conception.

If you are in your twenties or thirties, and are experiencing perimenopause or suspect you may be having early menopause, this test is sometimes used as it is a relatively inexpensive way of giving you an indicative reading to see if further tests such as FSH and LH are warranted.

What the test results mean?

Exceptionally low AMH

Exceptionally low AMH means your egg reserve is very low. While it correlates with menopause, it should not be the sole basis for conclusive judgement since other hormones such as FSH and oestradiol (17-beta), as well as your menstrual cycle’s patterns, must also be taken into account.

An exceptionally low AMH score would mean IVF will be very difficult to carry out and lower IVF success rate.


A low AMH means your egg reserve is low. This is particularly important for assisted reproductive techniques (ART) as a low egg reserve means your ovaries are unlikely to respond well ie produce enough eggs for IVF or freezing.

It is worth noting low AMH is now increasingly used as a predictor for natural pregnancy success. This can be misleading and seems to stem from ART reasoning, which may not apply in the context natural pregnancy.

Good AMH: Satisfactory fertility status

A good AMH score means your egg reserve is satisfactory. This is a pre-requisite for IVF or egg freezing success.

Exceptionally high AMH: PCOS

The AMH test is often used as part of a diagnostic tool kit to see if you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). A proper diagnosis will involve other hormone tests, such as testosterone. Further diagnostic tool may involve an antral follicle scan (we can help arrange these). It should also be interpreted in light of your menstrual and reproductive history. 

Gynaecologists and IVF clinics seem to think AMH cannot be altered. They are therefore unlikely to administer medication to help. However, we at TCM Healthcare have an excellent track record of helping women improve AMH, either to increase it in order to improve egg freezing or IVF success chances or to decrease it in order to help PCOS patients regain hormonal balance. These results have been confirmed by IVF specialists.



Includes a report, follow-up phone call to explain the result and to talk about potential treatments.

How long do results take?

Next working day

When can I do the test?

  • Monday to Friday, 7am–6.30pm
  • Saturday, 7am–12.30pm

Testing condition

If you are using contraceptives, it’s best to stop and wait until your first cycle starts.

Otherwise, the test can be carried out any time during your cycle.

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While we are happy to explain your test results to you, we always advise consulting your GP and having a proper medical consultation about your result. This is because these tests are Western medical tests and are best explained by Western medical doctors. We do not accept any liability regarding interpretation of test results should you wish us help explaining them.

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