**From time to time, clients came back to thank us for the work that we do for them. We understand that these comments may help new clients with similar circumstances to understand a bit more about what may happen. We need to balance these benefits with the need for the protection of privacy.  To this end, only pseudonym first names are used in testimonials throughout in this web site to observe confidentiality. However, if you object to any comments being used in principle or at any point, we would be most grateful if you can let us know. Your wish will be strictly observed.



“My GP surgery did not know what to say when they saw my re test results. They thought I was in early menopause.’

Betty is 45. She lost her period in October 2018. Her FSH was 45.9. She came to us in January 2019. After seeing us 3 times in 3 months, She got her periods back and had 2 periods in 3 months. We asked her to re test her hormones. She got her GP to do that. Her FSH is now 8.5. She decided to carry on treatment for a short while more.

Betty from London May 2019

‘I am very happy with the result. I can last as long as 10 minutes now. Before, I could not do even 1 minute. I would like to continue treatment for a little while more.’

Hassan came to us in August 2018. He had Premature Ejeculation and his sperm test showed that he had less than 2 million sperm. After 3 months of treatment, he can now last for nearly 10 minutes. His sperm count per ml is 19 and total count is 36 million. He is a lot more relax.

Hassan from London January 2019

“Dear Shun, Well, I have some very happy (pregnancy test positive) results 5 days before my period is due!! Thank you so much for your help!!! I can’t believe it!!”

Nasha is 44, her FSH at the last test was 38.2, AMH 0.1 and Oestradiol <18.4. She had a miscarriage late 2017. Her periods have become a bit irregular but have not missed periods. Test prior to treatment found that her prolactin was high at 556, AMH at 0.7. Her re test after 3 months of treatment found that prolactin is 439 (normal range) and AMH has now gone up to 2.1.

Nasha is from London July 2018

‘We are very pleased with the improvements in hormones. As suggested, I will now try naturally for a few months and will let you know of news.’

Louise is 38. She came to us after 3 failed cycles of IVF. Her hormones were not ideal to begin with: Oestradiol 86 (low, outside reference range, Prolaction 518 (high, outside reference range) and AMH 8.4. After 3 months of treatment, her Oestradiol and Prolactin are now within normal range, at 164 and 490 respectively. Her AMH is now 11.2. 

Louise is from London April 2018

‘Hi Professor Au, I’m just updating you on my situation to say that I have come on my period (started on Saturday). It is heavier than the one I had in November and feels more like a normal period to me. I’m very pleased. Best wishes,

Isabella is 30. She was diagnosed with with Ovarian failure at the age of 23. She had HRT for about 2 years and stopped. She came to us late summer last year. She had two natural periods since.

Isabella from North England February 2018

‘Dear Prof Au, I hope you are very well! I have excellent news. I started my period today! I immediately went and got a blood test done as well so I should have the results by the next time I see you and Prof Li. I am so happy, that is 3 months in a row! Thank you so much.’

Rani is 27. She had severe PCOS with no natural periods for a long time. 

Rani from London February 2018

‘I could only get hard for 1 to 2 minutes max. Now I can last for 5 minutes. My back has no pain and is a lot more flexible. It does not give me trouble anymore. My wife is happy. That is very important for me’

Freddy from London October 2017

Freddy came to us 1 month ago with erectile dysfunction problem.

‘…… I cannot believe this. I just had a natural period. I have a strong feeling that this will come again. I now have spots on my face. This is probably the first time in my life I am happy with spots on my face.’

Debbie in August 2017

Debbie is 28, diagnosed with PCOS at 17, she had been using the pill to induce menstrual cycles for 10 years. She decided to stop and seek treatment. We asked her to do some hormone tests before she came to us. Two months later, her natural period came.

’… I do not believe this… in shock!’

Caroline in June 2017

Caroline is 41 coming up to 42. She has irregular periods. In March 2017, her FSH was 24, LH 12.6, Oestradial 77 and AMH<0.2. She has diagnosed as near menopausal and she was advised to go for donor eggs through IVF. She came to us and 3 months later, she retested her hormones and found that Her FSH is 7, LH 3.3, Oestradial 488 and AMH 1.8.

‘I am in shock. My IVF consultant said my eggs are no good. I should consider donor eggs. Here I am. I am pregnant. I can’t believe it.’

Rochelle in June 2017

Rochelle is 38. She came to us early this year after 4 failed cycles of IVF. After the last round, the consultant told her that her eggs were no good and she should consider donor eggs. Her hormones when she started with us were: FSH 13.2 (outside normal range), LH 7.1, Prolactin 691 (outside normal range), Oestradiol 102, AMH 3.1. After 3 months of treatment, her hormones were: FSH 12.3 (normal range), Prolactin 461 (normal range), Oestradiol 243, AMH 3.

Two months later in her fifth consultation,  she found that she was pregnant

‘After already falling pregnant naturally in 2011 by 2016 I had slightly low AMH and had been trying to become pregnant for over 2 years with no success. After my consultation with Prof. Au and Prof. Li I came away with some herbs and to my delight fell pregnant exactly 1 month after! unfortunately this resulted in a miscarriage at around 6/7 weeks but i was so happy to least fall pregnant i went back for another consultation.

After this Prof. Au and Prof. Li told me i needed to build my strength for 3/4 months and then try for a baby again, I did as instructed and to take the herbs given to me. I was surprised that I started to feel great on the herbs, like my younger self before i had my first child in 2011! I even began to like the foods I used to like before my first pregnancy and people told me i was looking younger and fresher! After 3/4 months I then went back and Prof. Au and Prof. Li told they told me I was now ready to try for a baby again so was given the herbs and again exactly as planned i fell pregnant! I was given some herbs to ‘keep’ the baby and I am now please to report i am now 23 weeks pregnant! they pregnancy has been fine and all scans have gone well and baby is doing well.

I will certainly be returning to Prof. Au and Prof. Li for when we are ready to have our 3rd baby. Thank you to Prof. Au and Prof. Li!’

Sandra in May 2017

Sandra has pregnancy and miscarriages issues

‘My sincere apologies for not writing to you earlier. After getting the treatment from you, my wife conceived and we have a 4 month baby now. My sincere thanks for the medication.’
Sanjay in early 2017
Sanjay has tried many treatments including Chinese herbs from another clinic before he came to us

‘I have good news. Since this morning I saw some tiny blood in the toilet tissue several times. Is that real period? I don’t believe it. I am so happy. I have to continue or stop my herbs?’ by e mail February 2017

‘I had 3 days of bleeding, I can’t believe this.’ – During consultation at late March 2017

Miriam is a medical student from the Middle East

Miriam is 27 and has never had natural menstrual cycles (cycles without synthetic hormones). She flied to London to see us. 

‘Happy New Year! How are you?
Sorry I should have write to you earlier but I was extremely busy with my newborn baby and moving house. I went for an induced labour and gave birth to Paul last October… I am pretty much just settled down now. I want to say thanks to both you and prof. Li for your help in the past a few years.  I hope if you do not mind I will pop into your clinic and say hello when I am next in London.’

Emma from outside London 2017

Emma had PCOS

‘Hope you are doing well? I wanted to let you know I had a positive pregnancy test this morning! very happy. I had a little lower back pain last week but has mostly gone, very excited, fingers crossed that all goes well this time. I have the herbs from the last pregnancy and have started taking them straight away as suggested.’

Sylvia from London 2017

Sylvia had low AMH

‘My sperm test results revealed a virtually non existent count (less than 100) and the doctor doing the test results analysis said ‘I had as much chance of conceiving with my partner as winning the lottery.’ Going to my GP I was told that there was nothing conventional medicine could do about it. They could only offer help on the woman’s side. There was nothing they could do for a man.
Looking desperately for an alternative I found TCM Healthcare on the internet and spoke to ​Prof. ​Au who said he thought they could help.
I was prescribed herbs to be boiled with water which would make a hot drink to be taken twice per day.
I noticed I started to have more energy and generally started feeling better all round.
After about 4 months I decided to have a second test and was genuinely shocked to see my count had increased to 20 Million. A subsequent test two months later revealed it had improved to 70 Million
After seven months my partner announced she was pregnant. Today my partner had her 11 week scan and all is well
Thanks to all those at TCM Healthcare.’
James from London 2016

James has very poor sperm count to begin with. His wife is now naturally pregnant – extracted from independent Google review. For full review, please click on Google reviews on sidebar at top right.

I am very pleased with the improvements to my hormones. Can you help me arrange to see the egg freezing specialist please? 

Lucy from London 2016

Lucy is 38, has low AMH (3.2; Normal range: 5.5 – 37.4) and high FSH (14.9; Normal range: 3.5 – 12.5), high prolactin (609; Normal range: 102 – 496) and low oestrogen (90; Normal range: 98 – 571). She wants to go for egg freezing and know that her hormones are not good enough and would unlikely to be able to preserve good quality eggs. After 3 months of treatment, her AMH has risen to 6.3, FSH dropped to 7.5, prolactin dropped to 438 and oestrogen increased to 210. In short, all hormones are now in normal range. Please check our pages on AMH and FSH, her initials are L.R. We have now arranged for her to see an egg freezing specialist.  

Just to let you know that my wife is now pregnant! We are in cloud 9.

Andrew from London 2016

Isabella is 34, has low AMH (3.6) and high FSH (10.5) for her age when she first came. After 3 months of treatment, her AMH has risen to 6, FSH dropped to 8.2. Please checked our pages on AMH and FSH, her initials are I.Y. We asked her to try for natural  pregnancy. Within a month, Andrew text us that Isabella is now pregnant.  

‘I first saw Professor Li following an early miscarriage after our first IVF treatment in 2015. He listened carefully to our situation and my ongoing symptoms, and identified a number of deficiencies that are involved in my inability to get pregnant. Following six months of treatment, I am happy to report that many of my troublesome symptoms have either disappeared or improved dramatically. We are planning a second IVF treatment shortly and feeling optimistic. Many thanks to Professors Li and Au – they are kind, supportive and professional.’
‘Some good news though–I had a scan last week and my ovaries are no longer polycystic! This means they can start me on a higher dose of FSH and hopefully collect more eggs this time. Fingers crossed.’
Lori from London 2016

She saw us for a few months. Her PCOS is gone.

‘I just had the blood test result today and it is positive.’ ‘Yes, we will definitely keep in touch.’

Emma from London 2016

She had PCOS and had one failed IVF with poor egg quality before. She was with us for about 1 year. She is now pregnant with another cycle of successful IVF.

‘Usually when my period first comes, I feel so much pain that I had to lie down for two days pretty much. This time, my mother was worried about me as my period coincided with a party we had at home. It has only been a month since I saw you. It is amazing that this time round, I felt no pain at all. I was running around serving guests and doing all sorts of things. I was completely fine with no pain.’

Jane from London 2016

‘I am 30 weeks pregnant now. Could I come to see the clinician again to make sure things are fine?’

Maria from London 2015

She saw us for about 6 months and have natural pregnancy.

‘My FSH result was 25 before. When I received the test result after a few months of treatment, I was so nervous that I was too frightened to look at first. When I did, I was so pleased. It is now 13.9!’

Susan from London 2015

Susan is 43. She went for IVF. The IVF Clinic was surprised to find that her egg quality is excellent for her age. Her first cycle was not successful. She is going through with the second cycle.

‘I could not believe my AMH test result, It has gone up more than 3 times. I am very pleased with the treatment.’

Baby no. 3

‘I would just like to thank Professor Li and you for all your help once again. Sophia is now nearly 5 months pregnant and we are expecting a boy this time!!!! Once again please send our kind thanks to Professor Li.’

Mariana and John from Spain

Mariana and John came back to TCM Fertility Clinic after the 2nd child for a 3rd and we have got their good news once again in January 2008. Prior to attending TCM Fertility Clinic, Sophie was told that the only way for her to get pregnant is through donor egg.

Polly from London 2015

‘I am very happy with my FSH and AMH post treatment results. I am now going through with natural IVF but very much like to be supported by you in the process.’

Jane from London 2015

‘We are both feeling really positive… Mark’s sperm count has increased 4 fold since visiting TCM Male Fertility Clinic. We visited an IVF clinic and are going ahead with ICSI within the next couple of months. I’m in perfect health to get pregnant and the doctor feels really confident it will work..,. Fingers crosse

Mark 2014

‘I am pleased that my sperm parameters are back to normal. My wife is ready to see you now.’

John from London 2013 

‘I would like to see the specialist again. I had a healthy baby over 3 years ago. I would like to have another child. I am no longer living in the UK but can travel from Europe to you once a month.’

Rebecca Willet came to TCM Fertility Clinic in 2009

‘We would like tell TCM Fertility Clinic that our beautiful daughter was born on 4th of May. We would like to thank you for all your support and help in conceiving the baby. If it wasn’t for your course of treatment, Kathrina would not have been born. Thank you once again for all of your help and we look forward to seeing you in the future when we try for baby number 3!!!!!’

Catherine from Surrey

Catherine used herbal medicine for 5 months at our Harley Street TCM Fertiliity Clinic.

‘I cannot thank TCM Fertility Clinic enough for your professional service. I have been working with IVF clinic helped to increase my chances of getting pregnant. Although the IVF clinic has been extremely helpful, it did not result in a pregnancy. I am now 10 weeks pregnant after using the herbs for a few more months. I am thrilled.’

Heather from central London

Heather tried IVF unsuccessfully after we recommended her to do so (to an IVF clinc we work with) following a herbal programme of a few months. The IVF treatment was however unsuccessful. But she continued herbal treatment and is now pregnant after three months.

I have had herbal medicine for two weeks. I am amazed by the sperm count result. It has significantly improved.

Mr. Scott from Nottingham

‘I would like to book to see the specialist once again. I had a child after attending TCM Fertility Clinic 6 years ago. I am now ready to have another child. Wonder if you can offer me an appointment soon.’

Vivian Teodora came to TCM Fertility Clinic in 2007. She called our clinic just in the beginning of 2010

‘I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am that I am now pregnant. I am so pleased especially only after one month of treatment from TCM. A big thank to you and your staff.’

Rebecca Bray came to TCM Fertility Clinic in end of March 2010. She called our clinic to tell us the good news

‘After four years of trying, I became pregnant after four months on the herbs and gave birth to a lovely little boy, who’s now 10 months. I would like to try to conceive again, and wondered if I could make an appointment to see him again.’

Vicky Maloney came to TCM Fertility Clinic in 2008

Vicky had one child after a 6 months’ treatment programme.

‘I am coming back to TCM Fertility Clinic as I had a child only after treatment for one month. I am sorry that I did not have a chance to call you to let you know at the time. I would like to be seen as quickly as possible as I would like to try for a second child.’

Julia from Hertfordshire

‘My partner and I would like to thank Professor Li and the team at TCM HealthCare for helping me to regulate my cycle from 40/45 days down to 30 days. As a result, I have fallen pregnant late spring this year but have lost the baby at 6 weeks. However,I fell pregnant late spring
in my 12th week. The 6 months treatment has done wonders. I was monitored and the herbal formula was adjusted month by month to enhance my reproductive system. I would recommend anyone who has an irregular period and infertility problems to go for it.’

Julie Philips from London, 15 December 2009

Julie had a pregnancy but miscarried in May/June this year. She has been pregnant again for 12 weeks now. She called to ask if she could post the above word of thanks on our web site.

‘I think I have some good news. I carried out a pregnancy test and the result is positive. I would like to ask if I need to come back one more time.’

Mrs Alice Goldsmith from Malta e mailed in July 2009

Mrs. Goldsmith was treated for endometritis first successfully. She then became pregnant.

‘I am really surprised to find myself pregnant. I must say I came to TCM Fertility Clinic with a bit of scepticism. I am really thrilled and I would like to ask you what I should do next.’

Mrs Merton from London sent us this e mail mid May 2009

Mrs. Merton was advised to come for a final consultation with a prescription for two more weeks of herbs to stablise her pregnancy since this is her first ever conception.

‘I have a laboratory report from my doctor to say that endometritis is completely gone. I would like to continue treatment for infertility.’

Mrs. Lombardelli comes from Italy to attend TCM Fertility Clinic every month

Mrs Lombardelli have been receiving treatment for about 4 months as from May 2009

‘I hope you are well and TCM are doing well.

You may remember me as a patient of Professor Li’s last Autumn. I left for Asia in November with a big bag of your herbs in my suitcase and was due to come back to see Professor Li sometime in January to continue treatment.

I’d like to tell Professor Li that events overtook us and in early January my husband and I were surprised and delighted to discover I was pregnant. I am now 20 weeks and can barely believe our luck after five miscarriages.

Please pass on my best wishes and grateful thanks to Professor Li for his support and fantastic herbs.’

Mrs Clark wrote us this e mail after a trip to Asia

Mrs. Clark had 5 miscarriages prior to her visit to TCM Fertility Clinic 24 April 2009.

‘Apologies for the delay in getting back to you following my last course of herbs in Jan. I am still awaiting the results of the semen analysis but we recently confirmed that my wife is pregnant, 8 weeks.

We had our first scan today and all appears well so far. She is seeing an acupuncturist experienced in pregnancy and we have a good support network now to help us.

Please do let Dr Li know and pass on our deepest thanks to him and to all of you for your help in this. It is a truly life changing experience and we are deeply grateful for all of your assistance.

Thanks again, should we want assistance at some point again in the future, I will know where to come.’

Stephen Metcalfe from London

Mrs Metcalfe fell pregnant while Stephen was waiting for his semen analysis result. March 2009.

‘I am very grateful for helping me to conceive. We are very grateful.’

Mrs Obasie came specifically to London with her husband from Nigeria

Mrs. Obasie could not conceive in Nigeria. She was referred to by a doctor in Nigeria. She fell pregnant within 2 months of treatment. January 2009.

‘My ovarian cysts are gone and my period have now come back. Many thanks for your help.’

Mrs Onasis is from Greece. She was pregnant after a few months of treatment but had a miscarriage.

‘I am very pleased that my sperm result now says it is normal after 4 months of treatment.’

Andy from London

Andy’s sperm count was 22 millions/mL in January 09, 40 millions/mL in September 08, 147 millions/mL in January 09.

‘Hi there

I just wanted to let you know that the herbs seem to have done their job – I am pregnant! We can’t believe it – after four years of trying. Please could you pass on my gratitude to Professor Li at TCM Fertility Clinic. I can’t thank him enough.

Very best wishes’

Lucy from Wales

Lucy tried for 4 years and sent this mail to us at TCM Fertility Clinic Monday 14 July 2008. 


‘I cannot believe the antibodies in my sperm are gone after 3 months of herbal programme. I would very much to carry on with the programme for another 3 months to boost my sperm count now.’

John from London

John used TCM Fertiliity Clinic for 3 months after being told that wesstern medicine has no cure for antibodies in his sperm

‘I would just like to let you know that I am 5 weeks’ pregnant. I very much like to come to see you asap as I have had a miscarriage before. I am keen to make sure the pregnancy is stabilised.’

Julia from Hampshire

‘I have been meaning to contact you for sometime to let you know that following the birth of James and my ectopic pregnancy which resulted in the loss of one of my tubes, I now have a little girl. She is 10 months old was born on 15th of Jan 04. I had the last lot of herbs left and used them. They must have done the trick, thank you. I have continued to recommend you to lots of people so I hope that as a result you are still very busy!’

Mary from Hertfordshire

Mary has achieved 2 pregnancies through TCM Fertility Clinic.

‘Professor Li has been great. He has helped me to rebalance my body which I am convinced that it led to the birth of my son last summer. I will try to bring him to come to see you when I can manage the time. Once again, a big thank you.’

Yvonne from Surrey

Yvoone gave birth to a son through TCM Fertility Clinic.

‘I was treated at the back end of last year in your clinic and did not have any success in the fertility department and although the herbs did sort out my periods. I was more than satisfied with the results. Anyway justto let you know after 8 months of stopping the herbs, I am pleased to inform you that although it did not work straight away I am currently expecting and I am due in May. I thought I would drop you a line to say thank you.’

Victoria from Middlesex

Victoria gave birth to a girl after visiting TCM Fertility Clinic last summer

‘After using herbal medicine for some 6 months, my sperm count has increased tenfold and there is also on sperm motility. I am very pleased with the result. I have now asked my brother-in-law in Nigeria to come to visit TCM Fertility Clinic too.’

Mr. Abu originally from Nigeria now living in London

‘I am very pleased to see the test result which stated that my antibodies are negative. A sincere thanks for this wonderful news.’

Mark from London

Mark was discharged after 4 months of treatment in October 2008

‘I have given birth to a healthy son in March and am the happiest mother, as you can imagine. I did not have the opportunity to thank Professor Li for his treatment, and I would like to do this now!

I also would like to see Prof. Li on my short trip to London in two weeks if possible. We talked about this earlier, and he told me that it would be important to start again with treatment to get my strength back after birth.’

Sobian from Switzerland

Sobian gave birth to a son last March

‘After coming to TCM Fertility clinic for 3 months, my sperm count has increased fivefold, motility has gone from 1/3 to 1/2. Thank you.’

James from London

‘I am very pleased with the service at TCM Male Fertility Clinic. My count has increased fourfold to the normal level. Thank you very much.’

Jeff Keys from London

Jeff was discharged after 6 months of treatment in February 2009

**Note – Names of clients have been changed to protect privacy

We work with an IVF clinic in London. Some of our patients have been treated jointly.