Many of our patients tell send us incredible feedback. Here is a selection, both from Google reviews and email.

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Syreeta Reid

June 22, 2020

I have been seeing Dr shun for around 4 years now, and I couldn't recommend their services more.

as always polite and courteous they listened and understood me sympathetically.

I first attended their clinic around 4 years ago after  trying to conceive (unsucsessfully)  for over 4 years. (I had my first child at 28 then never fell pregnant again until I saw Dr shun)

Under their supervision I had two healthy babies; the second of which I fell pregnant naturally which I believe was because of the herbs I had previously been given.

I truly feel different when taking the herbs, I even noticed my skin looked younger and people commented on how fresh I looked. I even began craving foods I used to like in my twenties! ( I'm now 37)

its really sad and confusing to see anything but good reviews because I found their services excellent. I found their prices reasonable (I would have had to pay thousands for IVF), their offices clean and their manner friendly, to the point and straight forward. I would always recommend that you try TCM healthcare before you pursue IVF; you may, like me never need it.

thank you

Valentina Sanchez from Spain

May 5, 2020

We started to look for a baby in November 2019. I was used to use the pills for 13 years, after surgery due to endometriosis. I had a first natural period in November and after that nothing.

I did hormones tests and my AMH was 0.01 and FSH 88. My doctors says that the only option was a egg donation and I was diagnosed with premature menopause at the age of 35.

I was feeling very sad, frustrated, and even if I never believe it in the deep of my heart.

I was looking for information in google and finally decided by myself to start acupuncture and osteopathy gynecology and finally found TCM HealthCare and decided to get in touch with them.

I found many reviews of many people with the same problem of all over the world, and for the first time, when I got in touch with Prof Au, I did not feel alone in this hard journey.

Prof Au and Dr Yang gave me hope and support from the first call we had (I live in Spain, so we get in contact by WhatsApp).

Anyway, I started the herbs on February and on the 08.03 I had first slow bleeding! On the 04.04 I have my first proper period and then another one on the 20.04. Probably I still need to regulate the period, but for me it is already a miracle! Doctors in Spain were saying I would never recover my period! Today I did an ovulation test and it was positive!! Well, I still need to finish my first 3 months-treatment, but my hopes now are different.

I will make the hormone tests again at the end of the month.

I hope that I could write a new review saying that nothing is lost in life, you always have to believe in everything and I am pregnant! Keep you posted!

Anonymous from India

March 8, 2020

Married for 5 years at the age of 30. In March 2018, doctors confirmed that due to low AMH (0.3), natural conceiving is impossible and if conceived I would have miscarriage. Capsule Ovaries was recommended for 3 months. Consuming these capsule on daily basis had a side-effect like weight gain, acne on my face and on my neck. I stopped consuming those and went to my doctor.  She then asked me to try IVF. Meanwhile during google research on low AMH, I came across TCM Healthcare which uses Chinese therapy to heal low AMH and other problems.

In IVF session, we consulted the doctor and she recommended IVF with donor egg. We insisted that we would first go for IVF with my own egg. If not successful, we can then try for IVF with donor egg. She agreed. In Nov 2018, IVF process was started. Due to low number of egg, IVF doctor insisted on IUI instead of an IVF. We agreed and I had a IUI failure. Things settled and my husband got a project in UK to work and I joined him in Mar 2019. We thought of consulting TCM Healthcare for help. We had our tests and when results were available we met Prof Au and Dr Yang. They said that I should not take any medication as my hormone level were fine and low AMH was never an issue for natural conception. I went for 3 consultations and I took 3 month medication till September 2020 which improved my internal health overall. After this, we were asked to stop the herbs and simply try for 6 months and return if still unable to conceive. In Feb 2020 I came to know that I am pregnant.

I would highly recommend TCM health care for all those who have been trying to conceive but are unable to do so.

Thanks TCM HealthCare

Anne from London

January 27, 2020

Anne came to us with hormonal imbalance. She saw us 3 times.

I am very grateful to TCM Healthcare for giving me a much deeper understanding of the importance of hormonal imbalance and how it affected my fertility and general wellbeing throughout all my adult life. The holistic analysis approach that TCM takes gave me the confidence to try for a baby after being written off my Western fertility specialists. I went on to conceive naturally in my 40s and had a very good pregnancy supported by the herbal treatment at the early stage.  

Anne, London

Irene Baldwin

January 23, 2020

Irene, aged 41, first came to us after a miscarriage in May 2019. Her FSH was 14.5, Oestradiol <44, AMH 0.3. She saw us once a month from May to September last year. We then discharged her and asked her to try naturally. She called to say:

Hi, Hope you are well. Would like to let you know that I am pregnant. I recall you said that I should come one more time to get herbs to stabilise my pregnancy. Wonder if I could see you as soon as possible.

Daniel davidson

December 19, 2019

Daniel came to us with sperm test results as follows: Count/per ml 1.8, Total count 6.2, Motility 25, Progressive motility, 10 and Morphology, 0. He saw us 3 times and his re test results are: Count/per ml 4.8, Total count 22.6, Motility, 44, Progressive motility 39.30 and Morphology 5. Effectively all parameters are now normal except count.

He called to say: I would like to have more herbs as I am not going to be around at Christmas.

Karl Wurmli

November 10, 2019

I attended TCM Healthcare after being written off by doctors as never having a chance of a natural pregnancy or even IVF due to my hormone levels. From day one the service has been excellent in both treatment and their caring attitude. I was given all the information and the process explained to me all the way through. I have gone from having no hope of another pregnancy to being pregnant in under a year.
I cannot recommend them highly enough


Heather Richards

October 24, 2019

Heather came to us in Spring. She was diagnosed with POF (Early menopause) with FSH at 58. She saw us 3 times and re tested her FSH. It is now 14.3. She wrote to us:

Dear Shun,

Thank you for this. The FSH is unbelievable. I praise God!

I see the marker for egg reserve. All is well.

Speak tomorrow.

Aura Ochoa

August 14, 2019

I came across TCM via Google search in May 2018 after feeling disappointed from two failed IVFs. My consultant said I wouldn’t be able to conceive given my age and my FSH/AMH levels. After a phone conversation with Professor Au, I convinced my husband to try Chinese herbal medicine. Today my husband and I are extremely happy to say that we are expecting a baby girl this autumn and we would also like to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are with Professor Au and Dr Li for giving us the hope to finally have our most wanted baby.

Thank you so much again

Lynda Marks from Canada

July 30, 2019

I write this with heart full of joy, I can’t even believe it.

The news I got from my gynaecologist was so devastating: I was told that my FSH was high and AMH low that I couldn’t conceive on my own. They suggested an egg donor. I was so heartbroken but believed in God above. I went online to search for how to improve my case (the doctor said there is no treatment for that). I ran into this website and I was amazed with the testimonies which gave me hope. I contacted Shun and started my treatment in May. I saw improvement in my whole body. The consultations were done online via WhatsApp and email as I live in Canada and the team explained to me that the treatment aims at improving your overall reproductive health and hormones enabling natural pregnancy. We wanted to go for IVF treatment and I wanted to improve my AMH and FSH because they will turn you down if results are not within normal range. I explained that but they kept telling me that the natural pregnancy is very possible with their treatment. I wasn’t expecting this.

I just finished my last set of herbs and haven’t seen my period yet. I saw my period on the 19th of June and were expecting it on the 15th of July. Lo and behold we did pregnancy test on the 22nd of July and it came back positive. “I AM PREGNANT!“ I just conceived naturally.

I’m so very greatful, Shun.

My sincere thank you to you and your entire team and I’m definitely referring my friends and anyone that needs help that I know. I will keep you updated as I go along with my pregnancy journey. Grateful heart.

Thank you.

Shem Gent

April 28, 2019

I first came to TCM in 2015 after being told by NHS doctors that I wouldn't be able to conceive naturally given my age and FSH/AMH levels. I remember feeling a welcome sense of positivity from my first telephone call to TCM, being told that I had come to the right place. After hearing 'no' up until this point, I felt a glimmer of hope for the first time in a long while. From there on in I had the pleasure of attending consultations with Professor Shun Au and Professor Li who worked to help me improve the strength and balance of my internal organs, notably strengthening my heart and kidneys. In late 2016 they suggested that their work was done and I should try to conceive naturally. A few months later I fell pregnant and gave birth to my daughter in February 2018 at the age of 46.

I would recommend TCM in a heartbeat. Especially to anyone who is trying to conceive and has been told that their age and/or FSH/AMH levels mean they can't. Their approach is fascinating, their manner kind, positive and respectful and to this day I am duly grateful.

Hannah Parker from the Midlands

January 28, 2019

The treatment I received from TCM Healthcare has been absolutely amazing. Professors Au and Li are compassionate, professional experts in their field. After being prescribed a herbal blend, over the course of a year we were able to bring back my periods and lower my FSH from 80 to 44 and it probably went down further although I didn't have anymore blood tests. In August of this year I fell pregnant naturally. I had previously been told by several doctors that as I had quite severe Premature Ovarian Failure this would be impossible. I urge any woman with a similar diagnosis to explore this excellent treatment from TCM Healthcare. It has changed our lives wonderfully.

Rebeka Belay

January 28, 2019

I have been trying to have a baby for many years. My partner and I we did blood work and other tests, and we found out that my husband’s sperm motility and shape was abnormal. I was so sad and I didn't know what to do. Our GP advised us the only option is IVF.

I was searching on Google if there is any other option we have. I saw TCM and how successful they are in general fertility patients. After that, I make appointment with Professors Shun and Lee. They treated us very well and they gave him 3 months of herbs. Before he finished the herbs, I found out that I was pregnant. Sadly, I did miscarriage.

After he did his sperm test again it had a massive improvement. Then, after, we went again for 3 months’ more treatment. Both professors advised that although he can get me pregnant, his result is OK,  but he needed more treatment till he was 100% normal.

I didn't know the time we visited them I was pregnant again. My husband hadn’t even started the 2nd round of herbs. I called the professor and I announced the good news. Hope I will have a health pregnancy this time. I wanted to say thank you very much for Professors shun and Lee. All the money and time we spent it was worth it. I really recommend anyone who has difficulty conceiving to visit TCM.

Lize from London (Nikky Beach)

August 28, 2018

My experience has been amazing! I came to see Prof Shun in April 2018. My hormone levels were very high and at post-menopausal stage, even though I was still seeing my period.

My FSH was at 30 and my LH was at 14.9 whilst my AMH was less than 1.

I started a 4 month tailored powdered herbal protocol with monthly visits to monitor and track my progress. In the first couple of months, I noticed an improvement in the quality of my period and blood flow.

I continued to take the herbs twice daily whilst cleansing my diet and sticking to healthy meal plans. I returned in Aug 2018 to carry out another hormone tests and I was astounded!!!!!

FSH — 12.5
LH — 7.5
AMH — 2.2

If anyone had told me that this was possible, I would have been sceptical: I am 46 years old and I am encouraged to try naturally!

Thank you so much TCM for your kindness and what you do everyday!

My hope is that I can walk into the clinic in the not-too-distant future with my bundle of joy!

Forever grateful.

David Klugmann

September 20, 2016

My partner and I had being trying to conceive for a number of years without success.

My health was not always great and I often felt tired and was dragging myself through life.

My sperm test results revealed a virtually non existent count (less than 100) and the doctor doing the test results analysis said  'I had as much chance of conceiving with my partner as winning the lottery.'  Going to my GP I was told that there was nothing conventional medicine could do about it. They could only offer help on the woman's side. There was nothing they could do for a man.

Looking desperately for an alternative I found TCM Healthcare on the internet and spoke to ​Prof. ​Au who said he thought they could help. He then arranged an appointment for me with Professor ​Y ​Li ​at TCM Healthcare's clinic in Harley Street, an expert trained in Chinese medicine and fertility in Beijing.

In the initial consultation the Professor asked questions and listened to my answers and explanation of my medical symptoms. He also took my pulses and looked at my tongue. His manner was always friendly and sympathetic and it was obvious he really wanted to help. He stressed Chinese medicine treats the whole body and said I should see improvements generally in my overall health along with the improvements in fertility.

I was prescribed herbs to be boiled with water which would make a hot drink to be taken twice per day. Although not the most tastefull drink I figured that it was doing me good and soon got quite used to my daily routine of drinking it morning and night.

I had follow-up appointments each month during which he would reassess my condition and would then refine the herbs I was to take for the following month.

I noticed I started to have more energy and generally started feeling better all round.

After about 4 months I decided to have a second test and was genuinely shocked to see my count had increased to 20 million.  A subsequent test two months later revealed it had improved to 70 million.

After seven months my partner announced she was pregnant. Today my partner had her 11 week scan and all is well.

Thanks to all those at TCM Healthcare.

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