The male factor is half the equation but it is often a neglected half. When the test results are poor, male patients are often ignored and this is apparent when IVF or any form of assisted conception is suggested. Men are often treated as sperm banks and once sperms are extracted form them, they tend to be forgotten about. The fact that there must be health reasons behind poor sperm parameters can be overlooked in the dash for babies.


So you want to have children?

We take the view that the health reasons behind poor sperm parameters should be addressed. Not only that is it right and proper for them to be addressed for the sake of improving men’s health, the sperm quantity and quality will improve when the underlying health issues are properly dealt with. It is simply not good enough to take the sperm at prima facie level when our track record shows they in a majority of cases, sperm parameters can in fact be improved.

A comprehensive set of pathology tests for male will consist of :

Professor Shun Au OBE
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