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Conventional medicine believes that PCOS cannot be cured. At TCM HealthCare, we have some experience in curing PCOS which has been confirmed by patients that have gone through treatment with us and have a scan subsequently.

Lori sent us this message in 2016:

‘I first saw Professor Li following an early miscarriage after our first IVF treatment in 2015. He listened carefully to our situation and my ongoing symptoms, and identified a number of deficiencies that are involved in my inability to get pregnant. Following six months of treatment, I am happy to report that many of my troublesome symptoms have either disappeared or improved dramatically. We are planning a second IVF treatment shortly and feeling optimistic. Many thanks to Professors Li and Au – they are kind, supportive and professional.’
‘Some good news though–I had a scan last week and my ovaries are no longer polycystic! This means they can start me on a higher dose of FSH and hopefully collect more eggs this time. Fingers crossed.’

Lori from London 2016

Due to the success of our work, we have also been invited to write an article about our work on PCOS and fertility b the PCOS Charity Verity. A copy of the article can be sent to you on request. We have also reproduced ‘A patient’s journey’ in the article below:

Educational consultant Yvonne Archer had been diagnosed with PCOS. She became pregnant three times between 1997 and 1999 but lost each baby between six and nine weeks. She was referred to an assisted conception unit in December 1999. Scanning showed a normal uterus and her tests were negative. Clomi-phene did not work, and while ovulation induction went well, she still did not conceive.

In early 2000 her consultant suggested she had reached the point where IVF would be necessary. Meanwhile, Yvonne had been experimenting with aroma-therapy, TCM general medicine and acupuncture with no success.

In May 2000 Yvonne went to TCM HealthCare’s fertility clinic, where she was diagnosed with kidney and liver deficiency and put on herbal medication for five months. Again, nothing happened. While her body was back in balance, our doctor explained that pregnancy was not automatic and her body needed time.

In February 2001, Yvonne rang to say she was pregnant, and was keen to see the TCM specialist to ensure that this time she could carry the baby to full term. After a consultation in March 2001 she was prescribed 12 days of herbal medicine. No further medication was necessary. She gave birth to a healthy daughter in October 2001.

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