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Non obstructive azoospermia poses significant problems for conventional medicine. A few treatment options are available for clearly identified issues such as varicocele.

Varicocele is an abnormal tortuosity and dilation of veins of the pampiniform plexus within the spermatic cord. It is somewhat like a varicose vein of the scrotum. A varicocele could affect sperm by increasing testicular temperature. Varicoceles are found in about 40% of infertile men and 20% of all men in the general population. The large majority are fertile with normal sperm.

Urologists often diagnose and surgically repair varicoceles. However, correcting a varicocele (surgical procedure) often does not improve the semen quality enough to warrant a change of therapy required to result in pregnancy for the couple. Several studies have found that varicocele surgery can improve sperm counts or low motility but randomized and controlled trials do not consistently show improved pregnancy rates.

Sperm retrieval through biopsy of the testis is another solution offered by conventional medicine. In many instances, the only hope for building a biological family is to use sperm retrieved from the testis with assisted reproduction. However, in patients with non obstructive azoospermia, only about 50%-60% of men will have usable testicular sperm.

Once these solutions are exhausted or discounted, the patients are often at a lost as to what to do next.

At TCM HealthCare, we believe that non obstructive azoospermia is a functional disorder which can be amenable to treatment. Our clinical experience borne this out. We have extensive experience in treating non obstructive azoospermia and extremely low sperm count. Below is a patient who wrote about his experience with our treatment in 2015. More information can be found at the Testimonial page and the Treatment for Men page.

‘My partner and I had being trying to conceive for a number of yeears without success.

My health was not always great and I often felt tired and was dragging myself through life.

My sperm test results revealed a virtually non existent count (less than 100) and the doctor doing the test results analysis said ‘I had as much chance of conceiving with my partner as winning the lottery.’ Going to my GP I was told that there was nothing conventional medicine could do about it. They could only offer help on the woman’s side. There was nothing they could do for a man.

Looking desperately for an alternative I found TCM Healthcare on the internet and spoke to ​Prof. ​Au who said he thought they could help. He then arranged an appointment for me with Professor ​Y ​Li ​at TCM HealthCare’s Clinic in Harley Street, an expert trained in Chinese Medicine and Fertility in Beijing.

In the initial consultation the Professor asked questions and listened to my answers and explanation of my medical symptoms. He also took my pulses and looked at my tongue. His manner was always friendly and sympathetic and it was obvious he really wanted to help. He stressed Chinese medicine treats the whole body and said I should see improvements generally in my overall health along with the improvements in fertility.

I was prescribed herbs to be boiled with water which would make a hot drink to be taken twice per day. Although not the most tastefull drink I figured that it was doing me good and soon got quite used to my daily routine of drinking it morning and night.

I had folow up appointments each month during which he would reassess my condition and would then refine the herbs I was to take for the following month.

I noticed I started to have more energy and generally started feeling better all round.

After about 4 months I decided to have a second test and was genuinely shocked to see my count had increased to 20 Million. A subsequent test two months later revealed it had improved to 70 Million

After seven months my partner announced she was pregnant. Today my partner had her 11 week scan and all is well.

Thanks to all those at TCM Healthcare.’

James from London

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