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The endocrine system is a bit like the train network. Think of the glands as train stations. They produce hormones, which are the train signals. When the signals are right, the trains will run on time and to their destinations. This happy state of affairs will manifest itself in well-regulated menstrual cycles, healthy eggs and trouble free period cycles.

When the signals are wrong, the trains will not run on time, they may miss their destinations or in the extreme case, the trains will not run at all. The same is true with hormones, when the hormones are imbalanced, the period cycles are likely to be irregular, they are likely to have associated problems such as pain, PMS etc. In the extreme case, periods may stop entirely.

So what can be done? One way is to try to help by giving hormones. While externally administered hormones may regulate the period cycles or dealt with problems associated with periods, they may generate their own problems i.e. the unintended consequences of side effects. They are also telling your body to settle into a ‘I do not need to do anything’ mode which may not be a good idea. Last but not least, this approach tends to deal with the symptoms not the cause.

What we need is to address is the root causes of the problem – the glands. We need to make sure the body is healthy, the reproductive system is healthy and the glands are healthy. When they are in good health, the right level of hormones and their associated benefits are the results.

To go back to the analogy, signal problems seem best dealt with by finding out what went wrong in the train stations that were giving out the signals. When the stations function better, the signals they give out will be right again.

At TCM HealthCare, we help patients to improve their reproductive health by precisely that. Our treatment is tailored-made to each patient. We have built up an excellent track record. Consultants have seen our pre and post treatment results (for FSH, for AMH). Some patients are grateful to us and they write Google reviews and testimonials sharing their experience. For details on how we treat hormonal imbalance, please click here.

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