What do patients say about us?
Below is a patient who wrote a review in our Google + page (You could click on sidebar on top right to see full reviews. If you are using mobile device, the sidebar can be found when you roll down towards to end of page).

‘My partner and I had been trying to conceive for a number of years without success.

My health was not always great and I often felt tired and was dragging myself through life.

My sperm test results revealed a virtually non existent count (less than 100) and the doctor doing the test results analysis said ‘I had as much chance of conceiving with my partner as winning the lottery.’ Going to my GP I was told that there was nothing conventional medicine could do about it. They could only offer help on the woman’s side. There was nothing they could do for a man.

Looking desperately for an alternative I found TCM Healthcare on the internet and spoke to ​Prof. ​Au who said he thought they could help. He then arranged an appointment for me with Professor ​Y ​Li ​at TCM HealthCare’s Clinic in Harley Street, an expert trained in Chinese Medicine and Fertility in Beijing.

In the initial consultation the Professor asked questions and listened to my answers and explanation of my medical symptoms. He also took my pulses and looked at my tongue. His manner was always friendly and sympathetic and it was obvious he really wanted to help. He stressed Chinese medicine treats the whole body and said I should see improvements generally in my overall health along with the improvements in fertility.

I was prescribed herbs to be boiled with water which would make a hot drink to be taken twice per day. Although not the most tastefull drink I figured that it was doing me good and soon got quite used to my daily routine of drinking it morning and night.

I had follow up appointments each month during which he would reassess my condition and would then refine the herbs I was to take for the following month.

I noticed I started to have more energy and generally started feeling better all round.

After about 4 months I decided to have a second test and was genuinely shocked to see my count had increased to 20 Million. A subsequent test two months later revealed it had improved to 70 Million

After seven months my partner announced she was pregnant. Today my partner had her 11 week scan and all is well.

Thanks to all those at TCM Healthcare’.

More testimonials can be found by clicking Google reviews or testimonials.

Can sperm parameters be improved?
At TCM healthCare, we have extensive experience in improving sperm parameters. These include increasing sperm count, sperm motility, increasing normal morphology and getting rid of or reducing anti-sperm anti-bodies.

If you also problem with premature ejaculation or low libido, please check out the treatment for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation page.

What is the success rate of the programme?
Our latest statistics show that we have a success rate of over 70% for improving sperm counts, sperm motility (natural mobility) and sperm morphology (shape). We also have an excellent track record of successfully reducing and eliminating anti-sperm anti-bodies in nearly all such cases presented to us.

What is our clinical record for improving sperm count and quality ?
Result of some recent patients for improving sperm parameters as specified by WHO (2010)


Patient K.K. * Aged 51 

Month/Year            May 15      Sept. 15      Nov. 15

Volume (ml)             0.8            0.5

Count per ml          Near 0     41 million

Total count             Near 0     20.5 million   70 million


Patient D.W. Aged 43 

Month/Year            Oct. 15      Mar. 16

Total count               85            216 million

Morphology               1              3


Patient T.S.  Aged 44 

Month/Year                        Oct 14      Apr 15      Aug 15

Total motility (%)                   3              33             69

Prog. Motility (%)                  2              30             49


Patient P.T. Aged 39 

Month/Year                        Dec 14      May 15

Total motility (%)                    53           70

Prog. Motility (%)                   5             51

Morphology (%)                      0              1


Patient A.L. Aged 33

Month/Year                         Oct 14      Mar 15

Anti-sperm anti-bodies           45           21


Patient B.M. Aged 58 

Month/Year                        Apr. 14      Aug. 15

Count per ml. (million)           21           55

Morphology (%)                      2              4


WHO (2010) benchmarks:

Volume: >1.5 ml

Count per ml: >15 million

Total count: >39 million

Total motility: >40%

Progressive motility: >32%

Morphology: >4%

Anti-sperm anti-bodies: <10



* All initials are changed to observe confidentiality
What do some reproductive specialists say about our track record and our service?
“I have been seeing some patients from TCM HealthCare. I have seen the clinical and biochemical data as patients have progressed with treatment from TCM HealthCare presented above.  It has been positively interesting. We are thinking of a research project to further advance the knowledge in this area”.

Dr. Ramesan Navaratnarajah
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Senior Reproductive Consultant at a NHS Trust in London
What do some patients say about us?

Why do I need treatment?
This seems a strange question – but it is often the case that when there are issues with sperm, the man is not treated as the suggested approach is most frequently some form of assisted conception, be it IUI, IVF or ICSI. This means that the man is treated a little like a sperm bank where the sole interest will be for him to contribute some sperm. He will then be out of the picture as the focus will be entirely on the female side.

This approach has the ironic effect that the woman who does not have a problem is being treated while the man who has a problem is not.

It should be made clear from the outset that when semen issues occur, it is highly likely that they are due to health issues the man is experiencing. It is therefore vital that we understand and deal with the underlying causes. It is for these reasons that treatment for men is essential.

How much are the fees?
The all inclusive monthly fees are about £400. The first phase of treatment is for 3 months. Most see significant improvements. Detailed fees’ list will be forwarded on request.

What can the treatment programme treat? 

The main fertility issues men face are low sperm count, low sperm motility, poor sperm morphology and anti-sperm anti-bodies.

It is worth noting that while there may be conventional Western medical treatments available for poor sperm count where the causes are known and can be corrected by surgery and hormone therapy, where the causes of low sperm count is unknown and also when poor motility and morphology are found, conventional Western medical treatments may not be available.

Research has shown that Chinese ’dry herbs’ can help with sperm issues. Our longstanding clinical experience and an excellent track record confirm that this is indeed the case. For research papers on Chinese herbal medicine and sperm issues, please go to our fertility research section

We also treat low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and impotence issues. It is well known that some Chinese herbs and plant-derived herbal medications contain natural substances which can be effective in treating these conditions.

What does the treatment programme consist of?
The treatment programme usually consists of special herbs and plant-derived remedy prescribed on a monthly basis following a monthly consultation to check progress. For men, it is likely to consist of 24 days of herbal medication taken over a period of 4 weeks with 1 day ’rest’ in each week. During the treatment programme, and on the days you should be taking the herbal medication, you will need to do so twice a day.
How often do I need a consultation and why do I have to come back?
Consultation is usually once a month in order to ensure that the herbal medication prescribed is tailor-made for you each month. Monthly consultation is required in order to gauge your response to the medication that will inform any diagnostic and prescribing adjustments for the following month.

Will the treatment programme include acupuncture?
You may also be given a course of acupuncture. If this is the case, you will usually not be required to take herbal medicine. You will be asked to come once a week as acupuncture works on the energy channels – and the treatment needs to be kept up in order maintain momentum.

How long is the treatment programme?
The treatment programme usually lasts for three to nine months, averaging about 6 months. For patients with severe sperm count or quality problems, the treatment may be longer.

How do I know whether the treatment is working?
All patients are asked to have semen analysis carried out again about half way through the treatment programme i.e. after 3 or 4 months, to ascertain if they are responding well to our treatment. Over 80% of our patients see significant improvements and they move onto phase 2 of the programme to consolidate their results. For a minority of patients (20%), our treatment may not produce obvious improvements and such patients will then still have time to try something else.

How safe is the treatment?
We only use herbal remedy approved by the UK government’s Medicines Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. Taken as prescribed, they are therefore very safe.

Acupuncture is also generally considered to be a safe treatment. Needless to say, our clinician is extremely well qualified and experienced in using herbs and acupuncture.

What if I need help beyond what TCM HealthCare Fertility Clinic has to offer?
We work with some of the best fertility specialists in the Harley Street area. These include urologists and gynaecologists – and specialists at IUI, IVF and ICSI clinics. We regularly refer patients to them to ensure our patients get the best of both worlds. The comprehensive range of services offered by us and all our partners also ensure easy navigation of all services that may be required in the specialist field of fertility. Since we only work with top quality specialists, we can be sure that you get the best possible care.

Can the Clinic help women as well?
Since our inception in March 2000, we have helped women as well as men to resolve fertility issues. In particular, we have helped women with conception issues, recurring miscarriages, unexplained infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, symptoms of early menopause and irregular periods due to hormonal imbalances, to name but a few.

For our treatment programmes for women, please visit our women fertility treatment page.