What do our patients say about us?

“After about 6 months, he told me that the treatment is finished and I simply had to be patient. Incredibly, just two months later, I was ringing him with the wonderful news that I was pregnant’.

Elizabeth saw us for 6 months prior to getting pregnant at the age of 42. She had 4 unsuccessful IVFs and 1 miscarriage before coming to us. Her story was reported in Real Magazine.

“I wanted to let you know I had a positive pregnancy test this morning! Very happy. I had a little lower back pain last week but it has mostly gone, very excited, fingers crossed that all goes well this time”.

Sylvia had low AMH. She saw us 4 times before she sent this e-mail to us.

“I have not been able to go for my re-test yet. But I want to tell you that my wife is now pregnant”.

Robert saw us three years back to improve his sperm count and quality. He subsequently had a child. He came back to see us later last year for a second child. His sperm count at the time was less than 0.5 million per ml. and progressive motility was 6%. He said this to us in his fourth consultation.

How do we help you get pregnant naturally?

Many of our patients would like to get pregnant naturally as they think

  • ’Natural pregnancy is less invasive as it is drug free’.
  • ’I have tried three cycles of IVF and do not want to go through that again’.
  • ’IVF is too expensive’.
  • ’My AMH level is too low and FSH too high and I am 42. The IVF clinic said I should use donor eggs. I do not want to do that’.

We help couples to get naturally pregnant by improving their hormones (Increase AMH, decrease FSH), treating a range of issues such as PCOS, endometriosis, recurring miscarriages, and improving egg quality, improving hormonal imbalance, and improving sperm count and quality.

How does the treatment programme work?
All patients come to us with their recent hormone tests results or semen test results.

For women, the hormone tests should include those listed in the two tests below:


Female Fertility Profile Test

For men, the test is as follows:

Semen Analysis

If you have undergone the above tests within the last 3 months, we will accept them as baseline results to work from. If you have not, we arrange them for you very quickly.

The treatment programme consists of three phases.

Phase 1

The treatment will last for 3 months with visits on a monthly basis. We will prescribe tailor made herbs for you to take in your monthly cycle. The herbal remedies will be altered to suit your changing condition. After 3 months, we ask to take the hormone tests again to check progress. Most patients see significant improvements and they move onto the second phase.

Phase 2

The second phase is also around 3 months. However, you may be asked to come to us every other month or have a rest between 2 to 3 months first before you start the second phase of 3 months’ treatment all in one go.

Phase 3

The third phase is the same as the second.

What is our success rate?

Our success rate in improving hormones and sperm is over 80%. Our success rate for natural pregnancy is about 45%. Natural pregnancy usually occurs during the second or the third phase.

What are our fees?

The fees come to about £350 per month. Given our success rate, the fees of our treatment programme compares very favourably with IVF. Even if you have to go through with all 3 phases of our treatment, the fees will be just over £3,000 whereas a cycle of IVF is likely to be around £4,000 at a minimum.