End product

The end product will be 4 equal doses for 2 days, 2 doses per day.

After cooking, use one and put the rest in the fridge.

You can then warm each one up before usage.

*** Important 

Please divide up whatever you end up with (regardless of volume) after cooking a bag twice into 4 equal doses and use them all up. We must use up all the herbal drink.



The taste of the herbal drink can be very bitter since the herbs are made up of tree/plant barks, roots, tubers and such like.  You could have something you like straight after taking the herbal drink e.g. chocolate, if this help.


  • Do not use any supplements containing herbs
  • Do not use during your period
  • Do not use when you have cold and flu


Commonly asked questions:

Do the herbs have side effects?

The herbs should not have adverse side effects.


What should I do with herbal drink cooked as I have just started my period?

You could freeze them and unfreeze them to use when your period finishes.


 I ended up with more herbal liquid than  400 ml., what should I do?

This is fine. You should still divide it into 4 parts (doses) and use them all up in two days.


I am running out of herbs and my period has not come yet?

You should see us again after finish all the herbs. Alternatively, if you have finished a course of treatment i.e. after 3 months, you may wish to carry out a re test.


Do I need to use acupuncture o other forms of therapy during treatment? 

You do not need to use acupuncture or any other therapy during treatment. It is not always the case that the more you take, the better you become.


I am on medication. Can I use conventional medicine with herbal medicine?

Yes. Please leave a two hours’ gap between the two kinds of medicine when using them.