If you have had regular unprotected sex for at least a year, you might consider some tests in order to find out what is causing infertility. The cause varies from person to person and couple to couple.


Why Female Fertility Tests?

The female reproductive system tends to be more complex than the male reproductive system. As a result, there are more first line tests that a woman should do in order to determine her fertility status. These tests usually involve inspecting the key hormones relating to reproduction and checking if the fallopian tubes are intact.

The most common first line tests for female fertility are:

Professor Shun Au OBE
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We offer a fast and efficient service. Most tests can be organised either on the same day or in one day if pre-test conditions are met. Most test results will be available between 1 and 3 days. All tests are carried out by reputable laboratories in this field. The test results will be accepted by any doctor or clinic in the world. Test reports will be forwarded to you promptly. We will follow up with a call to explain the result and explore the bigger picture with you. We work with a range of clinics and will help you navigate the landscape of fertility services.