The first thing we recommend you do are some tests. The typical first line tests are given as follows:

For female:
 Further tests for female may include:
  • Menopause Profile Test
  • Antral follicle scan (We can refer you to a gynaecologist)
  • HyCoSy test (We can refer you to a gynaecologist)
For male:
 Further tests for men may include:

Getting pregnant can seem like a monumentally difficult task. And many couples, who’ve endured cycle upon cycle of IVF wouldn’t disagree. But Chinese medicine has an approach which is at once kinder to the body and improves the chances of success. The basic premise is that your health is not a constant and can be improved upon and this includes your reproductive health. We seem to take this for granted now for general health, hence our reasons for eating health and living healthy.

However, when it comes to reproductive health, we seem to accept that our reproductive capacity will be in permanent decline and there is nothing we can do about it.

All the scientific literature seems to suggest that if we have serious life style issues such as taking steroid to body build, taking hard drugs, drinking excessively will cause problems for fertility. However, when you already have a healthy lifer style, any improvements will by definition be marginal.

This is where we come in. We have an excellent track record of improving general and reproductive health by natural therapies i.e. herbal medicament, acupuncture. When your health improves, your hormone of sperm parameters will be moving in the right directions and you will also feel better and be more energetic. This means that you will have a better chance of natural pregnancy or IVF success. Check out our treatment programmes.

** While we are happy to explain your test results to you, we would always advise consulting your GP and having a proper medical consultation about your result. This is because the tests are western medical tests and are best explained by western medical doctors. We will not accept any liability re interpretation of test results should you wish us to help explaining them.

** If you have booked a test and decided to change the time/date, we are more than happy to help you change to one that is convenient to you with no charges. However, cancellation will carry a small administrative fee of £30 before refund.


Professor Shun Au OBE
TCM Healthcare Fertility Clinic
We offer a fast and efficient service. Most tests can be organised either on the same day or in one day if pre-test conditions are met. Most test results will be available between 1 and 3 days. All tests are carried out by reputable laboratories in this field. The test results will be accepted by any doctor or clinic in the world. Test reports will be forwarded to you promptly. We will follow up with a call to explain the result and explore the bigger picture with you. We work with a range of clinics and will help you navigate the landscape of fertility services.